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golf ballsPosted by Susan Chotiner

I read an interesting blog post on REreno  concerning the  Somersett Country Club arrangement with the SOA, entitled ‘The $107 Bucket of Balls’. Click on REreno to read it yourself.  It is nice to see other opinions.


Comments on: "REreno July 8 Blog post concerning the SGCC/SOA arrangement" (2)

  1. oneofmanyconcernedsomersettresidents said:

    I looked up the wiki definition of a it is: one who hangs onto another for personal gain without providing any significant benefits. You be the judge..

  2. Ex Countryclub Member said:

    It is interesting to follow the dialog on the REreno website directed to the “The $107 Bucket of Balls” article. In it, Barry Lazlow (the SGCC member apparently still addicted to the Kool-Aid) continues on his quest to create the impression that Somersett United contributors and Lease Agreement opponents are simply a “handful of disgruntled ex-SGCC members”. Let me set Mr. Lazlo straight on this. Somersett United counts numerous homeowners as members of a loosely knit group of advisors and/or contributors, only three of which are ex-Country Club members. In addition to these are hundreds of Somersett United “Join-Us” and “Followers”, a vast number of whom support SU’s position regarding the current Lease Agreement. In addition, Mr. Lazlo’s contention that the $107 analysis was performed by an ex-Country Club member is also erroneous.

    So Barry, you need to “wake up and smell the roses”.

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