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Somersett United

Somersett United

Acccording to an Associated Press release published on the RGJ website, Senator Ted Cruz is scheduled to attend a public meet and greet at the Arrow Creek Country Club the evening of August 15th. No time was referenced.


Comments on: "Senator Ted Cruz Meet and Greet" (2)

  1. Green Grass of Home said:

    I wonder if Senator Cruz plays golf…

    Will anyone at Arrowcreek ask him how we should plan to use water sparingly, in light of our 4 year drought?

    What are his views on desert landscaping (xeriscape) vs. watering extensive green fairways?

    Where does he stand on trying to stop Carbon consumption using Carbon taxes? … using these revenues to subsidize and invest in green non carbon polluting energy.
    Perhaps he will try to eliminate coal mining (a dirty, polluting, death dealing source of energy) – he is a sitting Senator!

    So what will Ted Cruz do to help all the Washoe County residents adapt to our changing future?? – and how will he help to ensure that Reno residents enjoy healthy prosperous lives and have a great educational system for our children – FOR Reno, Washoe Co., NV and yes, everyone in our country?

  2. Joe Bower - Del Webb owner said:

    The event will be held at The Club at ArrowCreek and is open to the public and there is no cost (I’m sure donations will be accepted). Saturday, August 15 4:30 to 6:00 PM.

    RSVP to Robert Uithoven at

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