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The AtrowCreek 411 website recently posted an article on development plans for the defunct D’Andrea Golf Course property.  Plans include a nine hole golf course, a practice facility, an events center and single family residential units. To read the article in its entirety, click on the following link:

Redevelopment of D’Andrea Golf Course in Sparks is Moving Forward

A detailed description of the project may also be accessed on the Developer’s (D’Andrea Rising) website at:

Interesting concept, perhaps facets of which the SOA should keep in mind should a similar unfortunate fate befall the Somersett Country Club.


Comments on: "D’Andrea Golf Course Redevelopment" (3)

  1. Geoffrey Brooks said:

    Interestingly, the property values D’Andrea have recovered to 2007 pre Great Recession values – without a functioning golf course. Here in Somersett we are still at 90% of full recovery, only about 60% for the custom lots for sale.

    Perhaps, we should put a putting green on the vacant lot we own in front of the Town Center – it will look a lot better, enhance the overall appearance of our community, desirability as a place to live. Much better than a desolate looking unbuilt lot!

  2. Good use of an over priced golf course.

  3. Jim Haar said:

    Given the SOA investment in the Somersett Country Club (SGC), It would be interesting to know what their current financial status is. In the past, neither the SOA nor the SGC have been forthcoming in this regard. However, given the nonprofit status of the SGC, their 2016 financial statement (i.e., via IRS Form 990) should be publicly available sometime in June of this year. Perhaps we can get a report at that time

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